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Manufactures audits

GP-MC positions itself as an outside, independant and objective consultant, providing support during your contractual exchanges with suppliers, subcontractors and partners on all your topics related to wind turbine blades.


GP-MC intervenes on all stages of the blade life cycle, from manufacturing to end of service.


- Complete blades inspections
- Analyse and expertise of blade inspection data
- Studies of structural defects
- Responsibilities studies
- Analysis of repair failures
- Studies of blades history, reports
- Follow-up of repair campaign and methods
- Support in the implementation of teams and means
- Organizational consulting of your preventive and curative maintenance


We provide our knowledge through performance, resources and field teams audits, in order to optimize the productivity of your turbines.

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Manufactures audits
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Blades expertises

GP-MC undertakes the internal and external rotors inspections of your wind farms, defect analysis and advices to repairs while being careful of integrating production parameters and the safety of teams involved.


 Physical internal inspections -

Internal inspections with high-resolution video up to the tip -
External inspections by high-definition photographs -
Physical external inspections by platform -
Physical external inspections by ropes -


In partnership with different main actors of domain, as Cornis SAS, we realize the full expertise of health status and maintenance needs of your blades, follow their progress and create a detailed history on the entire life of your turbines.

Rotor inspection

GP-MC realized inspections upstream of your projects, directly in the manufacturing plants.


Inspections of molds and manufacturing processes, blades out, recoveries, and shipments.


Via inspections of all sensitive points in the context of manufacturing flows, and via internal and external inspections of the blades from the production and intended for your project.


As part of assembly follow-up inspections, we can inspect your blades at the factory, in port arrival, on-site arrival and after installation.

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Blades expertises
Rotor inspection
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Services stages

GP-MC provides to your teams specific trainings, targeted on their knowledges and needs, on all aspects refered to blades & composites structures topics.


 Training on knowledge of materials and processes -
Training on the various inspection tools -
Training on the analysis of defects -
Training on structural repairs -


Theoretical and real situation trainings, integrating meteorological constraints, production, ergonomics and safety related to work at height.

Services stages

Process evaluation

GP-MC ensures the control of the repairs and processes used. This as part of the quality monitoring of your repair teams or as part of a control of your service providers.

GP-MC supports you in the development of your technical inspections or repair solutions.


- Visual Inspection 
- Automated Inspection 
- Camera Inspection 
- Video Camera Inspection 
- NDT Inspection 
- Drone Inspection 
- CAO - Design 
- Prototyping 

With a large knowledge and experience in Composite structures and design, GP-MC accompagnies your company in the development of composites structures, tools, spare parts.

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Process evaluation
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