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Full Scope Blades Contract

A single speaker for all your blades topics

The GP-MC Full Scope Blades Contract integrates all the GP-MC services in a single delivery for long-term monitoring of the blades.


GP-MC positions itself as a unique and independant interlocutor during all stages of your windfarms installation and maintenance projects through a full scope blades contract.


GP-MC oversees all subjects linked to the blades of your farms.

forme gpmc_edited.jpg

We realize control and planning on the following levels :

 End of manufacturing -

Harbour reception -

 On site reception -

 Commissioning reception, after installation -

 Inspections or control of methods and - inspections analysis during the manufacturer’s guaranty period

End of guarantee inspections (EOW) -

Life service inspections -

forme gpmc_edited.jpg
forme gpmc_edited.jpg

As part of these inspection and repair campaigns, GP-MC produces a collaborative file of follow-up and planning for all the works, this to give you a clear and long-term view of all the planned interventions.


This contract also includes emergency response clauses in the event of unforeseen defects or damages.

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GP-MC accompanies, oversees and defines the possible phases of repairs such as:

- Control and supervision of repairs

- Control of processes and means employed

- Impose and/or control of the reports carried out

- Work planning

- Management of tenders for repair companies with consideration of many service factors

- Choice of providers

- Planning and follow-up of the repair campaigns

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